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Legal Notice, terms and conditions of use

1. Limitation of liability

Use of the website is at your own risk. You bear sole responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of the website and the downloading of its contents.

Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH will not be liable for damage or loss of any kind resulting from the information or lack of information published on the website. This also applies in particular to damage or loss incurred as a result of investment decisions. Claims for damages of direct or indirect nature, tortious in character or of atypical nature, and consequential loss or damage are also covered by this exclusion of liability. This exclusion of liability will not apply if it is found to be impermissible under applicable law and in the event of grossly negligent or premeditated acts by Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH.

Contents of this website

You will possibly find information of a general nature on this website. This information is neither designed to replace, nor capable of replacing, individual counseling by specialists, taking the concrete circumstances of the individual case into account. We have devoted the greatest possible care to compiling it. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability, for whatever legal reason,  for its being correct, up to date and complete. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed and individualized information.

Availability of the website

Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH will make every effort to ensure that its online service can be accessed as far as possible without interruption. No amount of diligence, however, can completely preclude down times.  Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH reserves the right to modify or discontinue its website offer at any time.

No contractual relationship

All the information on this website is given without obligation, even if there is a contractual relationship between Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH and the website user. All other information which is provided orally or in writing outside a contractual relationship is likewise without obligation. An email enquiry does not automatically bring a contractual relationship into being, nor can such enquiry be deemed a sign of an existing contractual relationship. Consequently no contractual or quasi-contractual claims can be made against Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH on this basis.

External  links

As a provider of telecommunications media under section 54 (1) Rundfunk-Staatsvertrag (German interstate broadcasting agreement), Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH is obliged to comply with the provisions of general laws and the statutory provisions for the protection of personal honor. As a service provider under section 7 (1) Telemediengesetz (TMG, telecomunications media act), Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH is responsible under general laws for its "own information" which is made available for use.

This "own information" must where applicable be kept distinct from cross references (so-called "links") to information offered by other providers. In this sense Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH also makes "external information" available via links, this information being signposted in the following manner: www.internetdomain.de.

Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH is only responsible for this external information if Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH has positive knowledge thereof (i.e. including contents which are unlawful or liable to criminal prosecution) and if Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH has the technical means – and can reasonably be expected – to prevent its use. "Links" are however in every case "living" (dynamic) references. When the link was first established, Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH checked on whether the external information could possibly give rise to responsibility under civil or criminal law.

Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH is under no obligation to keep a continuous check on changes to the information, referred to on its website, which could possibly result in responsibility under section 7 (2) TMG. Only if Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH finds, or is told by other parties, that a specific website to whichWickenkamp Consulting GmbH has provided a link has given rise to responsibility under civil or criminal law will the link to such website be terminated, provided this is technically possible and can reasonably be expected. The two last-stated provisos will not be affected if it is possible, even after such termination of access, for the information which is unlawful or liable to prosecution to be accessed from other servers.

2. Copyright and trademark rights:

All the information, contributions and illustrations published on this website, and the arrangement thereof, are protected by copyright.  Any and every exploitation thereof which is not permitted under copyright law requires prior written consent from Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH. This applies in particular to reproduction, dissemination, transfer, adaptation, translation, storage, processing or the transfer of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads from websites may only, except with written consent, be made for personal, private and noncommercial use. All the trademarks used on our websites are protected under trademark law even when the relevant trademark holders are not explicitly designated.

3. Communication by email:

Emails sent by Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH are intended exclusively for the designated person(s) or entities addressed. Their content is confidential. Please note that any form of cognizance, publication, reproduction or disclosure of the content of such emails is prohibited unless prior consent thereto has been received from the sender. If you are not the designated person addressed, please contact the sender of the email without delay.

For technical or operational reasons the receipt of email communications can be disrupted and/or they may fail to reach the recipient in due time. Consequently emails sent to us will not be deemed to have necessarily reached us in due time, nor can any deadlines be set with legally binding effect. We recommend that you send urgent or time-sensitive messages by post, courier or telefax as well. If you want to be sure that your email has been duly received, please request the recipient to let you have a written acknowledgment of receipt.

Wickenkamp Consulting GmbH takes all the precautionary measures that can reasonably be expected in order to prevent the risk of transfer of computer viruses. However, we do not have any liability for damage or loss due to computer viruses. Please carry out your own antivirus checks before you read any emails, and in particular before you open any email attachments.

Communication by email is unsafe and not confidential because the basic possibility exists of cognizance and manipulation by third parties. We therefore recommend that you do not send any confidential data unencrypted by email  and that you use the post instead for such data. We will be pleased to deal with any further questions (particularly with regard to data protection) at the addresses given under "Legal Notice".

4. Font Licence

This website uses ParaType PT Sans with the Free Font Lizenz


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