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The sustainability of investments and their compliance with best-in-class environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are of critical importance for Wickenkamp Consulting and an essential element of its business strategy. The management of Wickenkamp Consulting is conscious of its duty to encourage and support socially responsible behavior of its staff and business partners within the means available to the company.

Given our long-standing experience as an investment advisor and intermediary we are convinced that the value of an investment is also determined by the sustainability of the corporate strategy and the approach to environmental, social and governance issues. Hence, the analysis and evaluation of sustainability drivers and risks form a central part of the due diligence of investment opportunities.

The management and staff of Wickenkamp Consulting are striving to fulfil their social responsibility. Above and beyond complying with legal and regulatory rules Wickenkamp Consulting firmly believes that a close and mutually trustful partnership with its clients and other business partners is best ensured through high standards of integrity and fairness in business behavior.

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